About Lazy Souls

Lazy Souls was inspired out of a whim of mine. The whim was to inspire/motivate/teach myself how to not be lazy. By making my progress public, I hope that other lazy folks can lead a more fulfilling life.

These are tall claims I know, especially from a freshly graduated 21 year old Indian living in a noisy townlike village called Hapur.

But I want to do my bit to save the world because I don’t want to wait till I’m rich to give back. I want to become rich precisely by giving back.

Sounds weird. How and do you intend to give back, son?

IMO, I have only one proper skill which is of any use to me. The ability to write. Now I don’t know if I’m good or bad. That’s secondary. But I want to know whether I can persuade you, the reader, to take a small positive action. So I plan to educate anyone who’s willing to listen about how you can:

  • Not be lazy anymore and do the things which matter.
  • How you can earn a decent living working online.

I had been doing these two things quite successfully  throughout my college years. It’s time I tell you exactly how I did it. And how millions of people do it.

A warning though – it might sound easy but it isn’t. It will require lots of hard work if you want to become financially independent sitting at home and not going to a mind-numbing day job in some stupid BPO.

If you want to start a project (online or offline), please don’t hesitate to ask for any support.

Please do not make a judgment

Not that it matters to me. Don’t waste your time judging others. Especially in areas where you have little knowledge. In my opinion, there’s one life to live, one soul to live it with. You go naked and alone, just like you were born. So do what you have to do. Don’t wait for others to say it, they won’t. Don’t worry about what other people think or do, they rarely do. It’s all temporary. Don’t believe me? Read this excellent article about why the universe doesn’t give a flying fuck about you.

You’ve probably come from my Facebook/Twitter page, since there are very few chances places where you will find a mention of this blog right now.

Welcome to P.M’s mind. It is absolutely potty, just like yours. Feel free to post comments, talk to me, etcetra. I love meeting people.

Retardedly yours,

Prateek Modi.



  1. umashree says:

    I have been looking around for people I could relate to all my little 3 year life at DU and here you are.
    I am wishing you good luck for your blog and hoping I can help you stay inspired, in which ever way possible.
    This blog is such a breathe of fresh air for my hungry soul!


    • prateek says:

      haha..thanks for appreciating me and my blog :)
      One word of caution tho: You might think I’m a bit uncle-y (apurva thinks so) because I’m a little bit into spirituality. But otherwise, you will have fun learning new things.

  2. Rahul says:

    Interesting blog! Never seen something like that. I really like where you are going and wish you achieve your targets. I’ll be reading this blog from time and time again. Keep it updated for readers like us ;)

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